Calling it Out By Name

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For several weeks, I have struggled with a certain “current affairs ” topic trying to define what has made me so frustrated and upset. While some may figure out what I’m talking about–I prefer to keep it nameless. However, I finally figured out what term describes what I’m frustrated about. And let me tell you–its a true blessing to be able to define something that’s bothering you.


Yes, the one thing that has bothered me is the exploitation of this current event. Actually–this bothers me in most places and probably why it extremely bothered me in this case. Maybe its because I personally don’t want to be exploited and do not like other people being exploited.  Maybe its because consumerism is basically the exploitation of things to try & attempt to get the masses to buy more and that is frustrating that companies don’t put people & their concerns or real needs first.

Anyways. naming this has seriously been a relief. In fact, I was able to understand my frustrations and work towards letting it go– a.k.a. listening to U2’s “Bad” help me unbottle my frustrations and “let it go!” (in not the frozen terms.)

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