Eating Diabetic

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Being a muse of a chef–ever since I have been diagnosed with Gestational diabetes I have been trying to find ways to get creative with my meals. Seriously–one of my friends who also had GD talked about how she ate the same thing every day and I think I bug-eyed out of pure shock. With so many good, healthy foods in the world and so many tastes–how can you say eat the same thing!? (I say this to all who eat the same stuff every day. Seriously. The world is variety. Love it!)

So… first I went searching for a diabetic way to cook my chicken legs. We have a package of 12 drumsticks in the freezer I decided to thaw out one day and needed a “glaze” of sorts I could apply to the chicken so they don’t just come out plain jane. I did this with the chicken breasts and plain baked chicken only works for me on a salad level.

Search results? one word…sucky. Seriously I know these exist. There have got to be ways to cook chicken legs/drumsticks with flavor and no massive amount of sugar or breadcrumbs. seriously.







I moved on and figured I would move on/come back to searching later. Instead, I looked up the meal delivery services and wondered “hey-maybe they have a diabetic option” where they send you the food for the meals specific to diabetic needs and then you don’t have to worry about how many carbs are in what, how much fat is too much but not enough, etc. So I searched again. What did I find… again.. NOTHING!

Honestly–this stuff has to or should exist. I am trying to get some serious help without having to buy a book or register online to a magazine to do it. Doctors wonder why diabetics maybe have a hard time with monitoring their sugar? Because the world limits what they can do. ARGH!!!!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’m not a good enough cook to know how to just through things together with chicken or look at something and think “that’s about a tablespoon” just yet. I want to get there but there’s a reason I keep measuring cups on the counter instead of in a drawer. Once my kid gets old enough I’m teaching good baking skills. Seriously (sorry i’m having a minor OMG moment!)


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