Being diabetic

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So it’s been about 10 days since I meet with my educator and started working out this diabetic diet. And while I have eaten out little, lost 3lbs and have enjoyed making things…


Seriously! I can’t get up and run out the door anymore. I can’t just say “let’s go out” without having some thought as to where and what I’m eating. And while I can make room for cupcakes and cookies…I seriously haven’t eat anything since I started this. 

If you want an idea of what I go through, here’s my sheet of when I am supposed to eat, what I’m eating and when I’m taking my blood sugar. Yes–confused? I know I am. The carbs are just for he starch monitoring, the oz in protein is not actually that but grams and i personally try to follow the sample meals. 

But my morning numbers are still high and I fee completely stressed by trying to keep to this diet so my kid doesn’t come out 12lbs or have low blood sugar. I am so much one of those people who tries to eliminate any reason to have a negative response or excuse yet I know at some point I cannot control everything and especially cannot control my morning levels because that is strictly hormonal. 

What I really want to do?? Go lay down and eat a tub of ice cream with a rice bowl of Chinese food. One day I guess…one day

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