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Some time ago–I wrote about learning about something called multipotentialism. It is a term coined recently to refer to those who are more a jack or Jill of all trades. A renaissance person. Basically-me. As our child’s arrival fast approaches, I have been thinking about all the things that go into raising a child. And this is where it begins to get difficult because I want to show how you can do all things…literally đŸ™‚

So, just to recap–here are a list of my “options” (you know, like a car, i’m the special edition package.)

  • I work in the insurance industry-in claims. Meaning I know how to read a car estimate, about how much things cost, how basic driving law works and how it applies to accidents. I also work for a company that offers multiple things (like travel, insurance, roadside assistance, etc) Seriously I am in the best environment right now for someone who wants to learn multiple subjects at once.
  • I am a certified dog trainer and love all animals. We have two dogs, a rabbit and 3 hamsters. I love learning about how to raise all kinds of pets, whether typical or not. I worked at Petsmart for a short time and volunteered with an excellent German Shepherd rescue for 4 years. I take pet owning very seriously.
  • I am musically talented. And not just in one medium. I sing, play basic piano (thank you mom for lessons and basic theory), play mainly clarinet and flute but have played every woodwind instrument except bassoon (which includes flute, clarinet, soprano thru baritone sax, bass clarinet, oboe and piccolo.) I also own a mandolin that I do not exactly play well but have learned some basic cords and just need practice.
  • I love reading. Or at least know how to encourage it. Watch out child–momma’s coming with a whole ton of books!
  • I have a Masters and Bachelors degree in Theology. My true passion is the church. Learning, helping, loving through it, you name it. Honestly. When I was in seminary the director actually wondered if there was a cot in the room I just slept in because I wanted to be there so much. I love teaching and showing my love for my faith, all church history and theology. I am very interested in learning about peoples’ beliefs and how they affect all of us. And if you say your beliefs are not important–you’re only lying to yourself. Your beliefs, whether religious or not, are what you think about the world and they control what you value and practice.
  • I am VERY geeky. I love Star Wars, enjoy Star Trek (ugh thanks to my husband), love Harry Potter, Groot, Hawkeye, have actually purchased comic books outside the popular characters, have gone to Comic Con NOT for the crazy celebrities and think science and math are fun/cool. I also like to paint, hand ave enough art supplies for a small classroom ( i love making things-ya know DIY stuff.)
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE learning. Seriously. About anything. I fully admitted to my husband last year I wanted to learn Excel/Numbers, coding and iPad/Apple Watch/iPhone app making. Its where the world is headed people–we need to catch up! I also like my husband’s degree in biological psychology and learning about how our minds work with our emotions. In fact, that leads to my next point.
  • My husband got a degree in screenwriting and of course the next thing I want to do is write a book. OH, did I mention I have 3 actually plotted out (partially written, structure verified chapters done, etc.) I have one subscription that helps me learn how to write a book (that I think I will read/finish when I go on leave) I actually also enjoy lesson planning, organization and have thought about looking into professional “planning” certification. (i always have too much fun planning for weddings/parties/etc.) This incorporates a lot of writing and actually I enjoy teaching occasionally related to this very topic.
  • My mother and father had extreme health problems so I actually have a basic knowledge of some medical stuff. This is not an excuse to not go to a doctor… as they have the experience. But at least I know how to use big terms and maybe explain it down *very helpful for a young child in the future*

So I’m sure there is more that I have forgotten. I’m pregnant-ya know? But the main concern is trying to show my own child that he can do all this and more. That he doesn’t have to love just ONE thing. Or he can love ONE thing and that’s okay too. I don’t understand specialization as I am not a person who wants to specialize but gather all the thoughts/info/things. But I definitely want to teach my son that he does not have to conform to societies request that you can only be good at one thing your entire life. (wow that just sounds so drone-ish to me.)

I’m sure it will work itself out when he arrives. Honestly–Shawn and I both are people who have our resources and I would consider himself multipotential as well. This kid I swear is going to be definitely an interesting character when he gets here đŸ™‚

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