Blanket statements

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Do you ever think about the things you say about our entire group or persons? Sounds so logical and simple to do, right? But how often do you really think about the words that come out of your mouth.  Because our sayings, our outbursts, our statements not only hold value (unlike holding less than rocks and stones) and they all have consequences (good or bad.) Image adding the mix politics or religion. Big bag of mixed up mess. Pretty much a media frenzy.  Why think about it? Why does it matter?

This is why I wanted to post about blanket statements. So often in the realm of religion and politics, we make statements that we believe are strong and take a stance. And while I do not dispute taking action for what you believe in – whatever that may be– making statements that incorporate entire groups or entire belief structures can be dangerous and hurtful.

Take for example “Women should stay in the kitchen.” While some women want to be in the kitchen and there may be even health benefits to such facts–not all women want to stay in the kitchen. In fact, those that choose not stay may get upset and angry because the statement is in direct contradiction to what they believe or do. There are several examples in politics and religion where these blanket statements are both hurtful and derogatory towards the audience possibly because the speaker did not realize or did not care about the words said.

From a more personal note, while I have been the victim of my own accusation here (all asians are bad drivers-sorry 😦 ), I try my best to take into consideration when something I don’t agree with is stated to attempt to understand it and pay respect to its speaker. Using the above example: I would not agree that all women should be in the kitchen. Some women have to work. Other women don’t like cooking. But instead of lashing out against the speaker about something I disagree with – I would try to understand it from the speakers view.”why should women be in the kitchen?”, ” do you like a woman only in the kitchen?”, and so forth.

Now I will compound this onto religion and politics.Digest these phrases: “All democrats are socialists.” “All Trump supporters are ignorant.” “Christian beliefs are dumb.” “Atheists are bad.”

Regardless of what you believe politically or religiously-there has to be a realization that these phrases impact others in a negative way. In fact-they are adjectives describing an entire group of people.Yet- not all democrats are socialists…not all trump supporters are ignorant…not all Christians are dumb and not all atheists are bad.

I hope that as time progresses we learn to pay respect to everyone and their beliefs, whether it be in agreement or disgreement with our own. Again, while I agree to stand for what you believe in, realize that beliefs change and that learning happens from 0-an infinite number of age. The phrase “don’t talk about religion and politics” is probably one of the most ridiculous things to say for it is those topics we need to graciously hash out between people for peaceful understanding and recognition.

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