Sleepy Saturday (3day getaway)

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I would like to say that Saturday was a lovely day on the boat, enjoying the easy motion of the sea while we sailed back to Long Beach. But it wasn’t. Fact of the matter: i slept the ENTIRE DAY… seriously. I went to bed on Friday night at 11pm and slept until 11am (when shawn went to go check out a magic show) but then I continued to sleep until 3pm. I did get up then to eat, but I wasn’t hungry mostly because the swaying was really bothering me for some reason. Oh well, we did have a fun time and honestly, the ship looks very pretty at night.    On Saturday night there were some nice shows in the main theater.  The first was the Hasbro Game show where contestants get to play big harbor games on stage to win prizes. We didn’t play because you had to be on the bottom floor and we arrived late so we were stuck up top. Also, the prizes are games from Hasbro–which I think we owned every single one so it wasn’t a loss.  The second show was a “rock the the ages” type show, enjoying the Rock n’ Roll from the 80s. It was awesome–so enjoyable and I loved singing every song I knew, including Journey, Queen, and some others. The cast was also fun to watch (see below!)

  Here is a picture of the main part of the ship inside. It is the mid-ship elevators and atrium. Not as elaborate as a disney cruise line but definitely fun. Only downside–the smoke from the casino filters in & it smells like stale cigarettes. Not pretty. 

One thought on “Sleepy Saturday (3day getaway)

    ProsperityAndCalamities said:
    January 20, 2016 at 15:36

    Some would say that Disney ships should have casinos but I will gladly do without a casino if it means I don’t have to smell that cigarette stink! You know, I went on 4 different cruise lines and Carnival was the only one where the swaying of the ship made me feel sick for one of the days… maybe they just make their ships cheaper, I read somewhere that Disney uses some sort of stabilizers so the boat doesn’t sway as badly.

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