Allergies, Intolerance and Icky Tastes oh my!

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Sorry everyone–soapbox time.

For generations to come, I am sure we will be remembered as the “gluten free” phad generation. People obsessed with eliminating gluten from an otherwise normal diet. No, we will not be remember for our health or lack of it (obesity.) We will not be remembered as the generation who did anything.  We will just be remembered for the ridiculous separations we made between our foods.

To start off, here’s some light reading: click here

Here is the actual definition from the celiac a themselves on what their disease here

To be honest–I did not hear about gluten free items until the last few years. The most exposure I had was to a couple people in my church congregation who admitted they had known family genetic issues with gluten and they themselves had been tested and/or confirmed celiac disease.

Then all of a sudden—it was a trend for EVERYONE’S kid!  Eat gluten free this. Only give your kid organic, wholistic foods without sugar or processed junk in it.

*********************NEW FLASH**************************

Gluten free isn’t healthy, it’s a allergy. Or an intolerance. It’s something for body is having a reaction to and therefore people take it completely out of their diet so they can live somewhat normal.  Or because a doctor suggests it might assist with an ailment.  It also has to be taken out completely to see a true change…for thirty days. Don’t believe me? This is all from my doctor. When she recommended going  gluten free to me, it was along with going completely dairy free (for other reasons), going to “clean” eating  and told it takes 30 days to see a true difference. While there is some mild health benefit (because you’re not eating most things that have carbs and sugar aka what adds to weight and fat the easiest), these ingredients are typically substituted with alternatives like fat and corn (sugary veggie.) 
So the next time you think gluten free is your “health kick,” please consider those who actually need the gluten removed, set the box down, and choose the smaller portion whole grain bread instead

2 thoughts on “Allergies, Intolerance and Icky Tastes oh my!

    ProsperityAndCalamities said:
    November 13, 2015 at 17:07

    It is pretty crazy how it’s become a trend. Did you ever watch that video where the guy is asking people if they are gluten free and they say yeah, then he asks them what gluten is and they have no idea! It’s pretty funny.

      saraannrichter responded:
      November 13, 2015 at 17:11

      No I haven’t but that sounds awesome. I know that my husband has seen the label “gluten free” on water and ice, which he just comments is ridiculous. I get that some people truly have an issue and that its a difficult diet to keep. But to be a trend like this? We have serious focus issues in this country…not to be offensive but America had ADD problems sometimes.

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