Portland Indiana strand 

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My mothers family is from a small town about a half an hour outside of Muncie called Portland. When you mentioned this city in Our family it was always first in reference to the Hoosier town. There’s the county fair grounds, the Super Walmart and the Main Street and that’s pretty much it. But every inch of this town has stories and a history related to our family.

Nowadays most of my family lives in neighboring towns. But my grandparents and their families are all buried in the town cemetery in Portland. 

Seriously—this is small town America. One Main Street, a couple shops and food selections. Everyone should experience this in their life. The couple places we always ate were he Ponderosa and Richards family diner.  

We also visited a couple local treats, including amishville (which is now just a camp ground) and the home of the state (and my favorite) sugar cream pie!


If you ever need ideas for visiting Eastern Indiana-be sure to check these places out!

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