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Since fall festival photos and food tastings took up even space-I thought I would share our other adventures separately.   

In Evansville there are 2 main universities -University of southern Indiana and the university of Evansville. I went to the later. The campus is small and there are maybe 3000 kids totally who go there-but the community and bonds I formed at this school have lasted since I left in 2005.   

Evansville also has some little quirks. Some unique places to eat, a riverfront for the speed demon Ohio River and random historical points of interest.  

This is the local pizza hangout. They make regular standard options but they are best known for their Ranch and Potato Cheddar pizzas. The owners make random flavored including a cheeseburger and taco pizza. Best part?–we ate 6 slices, two drinks and a bag of chips for $13. For a college student, it was the best bargain in town.  


This little gem is the local Willard Library. It is known not only as a historical building with several artifacts but as a haunted building. They even have ghost cameras on their website!  

To save a little cash, Shawn and I decided to stay in a university house nearby called the Fehn House. Given to the university-it is used as a guest house for guests of the university. Yes-it was built in the 1930s, barely had running hot water and had too many bedrooms to care. It was one of our experiences and we were glad to stay but glad to leave.

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