Krazy Kentucky Side Trip

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Evansville, IN is the farthest south you can get in Indiana. So as a result-Shawn insisted we go visit the neighboring state of Kentucky. 

The drive to Kentucky is fairly simple. Go east and you’ll eventually hit Louisville.  But it sure is pretty. Especially now when the leaves are changing.   

We stopped in Louisvile for a couple hours or so going over to the Louisville Sligger factory and museum. Not only is the true well worth $12 (cause you get a little bat), but they have batting cages where I got to hit a fast-pitch softball with a aluminum slugger. Took me two hits to get in the “swing” of things.  

  Keep going east and eventually you’ll hit simpsonville and Shelbyville.  There was only one reason we headed here and that was to visit Claudia Sanders dinner restaurant. It was the Sunday buffet and the most amazing food. The rolls were so good you didn’t need butter. The mashed potatoes and gravy were nom nom nom and the chess pie was as sweet as the staff. 

And finally–for all you Calfironian gas guzzlers (like me and my Honda Pilot), I filled up my tank with $20. Here is proof:  

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