Hoosier Hoedown 

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Im so excited to share this post! As of tomorrow at 4:30pm I will officially be in Indiana. Shawn and I are flying out to visit Evansville (where I went to undergrad) and Portland (where my family is from.)   

The photo above was the last time I was anywhere near the state. It was 2009. After living there for 4 years and visiting Evansville in 2007–I want to be able share all the unique and fun places I enjoyed way back when. 

So I shall be updating the trip soon…in the mean time I’ll share my tentative schedule:

1) Evansville fall festival
2) tour at the University
3) eat at “The Slice” and other uniquely evansville places
4) going to the original KFC in Kentucky nearby
5) MEET WITH OLD FRIENDS! when you havent seen some for almost 10 years.
6) MEET WITH FAMILY!- most important!
7) amish country
8) downtown Indy-cause I’ve never shared where i was and what i did for a summer.
9) Ohio River in evansville
10) louisville slugger in Louisville

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