The Holidays Begin, part duex

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So as I mentioned in my previous post, it was a completely stranger noticing something small that started my outdoor decorating passion. I tried to remember every year that it wasn’t about what I put out or how much, but that the simple act of reminding everyone of a holiday that brought joy and fun into people’s lives.

So Christmas came up and for the first time I decided I was going to hang more than our icicle lights. We had a huge yard with several planters and decorating could not be THAT hard. So my mom helped purchase light nets for the bushes and I bought some small Big Lots decor that would sit on top of plants and not get in the way of the gardeners or the sprinklers. I even included a dog or two–because we’re dog people:

 Sadly, even though some strangers can be completely nice–others cannot.  I placed this dog in our front yard and on Christmas Eve (or day I cannot remember), someone came up into our yard and our neighbor’s yard and stole several decorations, including this little guy.  I WAS DEVASTATED! I had worked SOO hard to bring joy and happiness to everyone by adding a few more lights and some fun figures to my yard only to have my dreams smashed by irresponsible teenage boys. Yes, I know they were boys–they police caught them later that day and tried returning the decor but my one little dog was still missing.

But instead of getting all depressed about it, I just decided that no one was going to diminish my goal of bringing joy to the world with my decorations.

So the following years, I tried to buy 1-2 things for Halloween and 1-2 things for Christmas to add to the display. Trust me, shopping just after the holidays gets you the best bargains and its a great pleasure to open up the decoration bins to find something you totally forgot you purchased a year earlier. 
These little guys represent my love for penguins. Though I myself am I Christian-I wanted to try and not being the religious discussion from my holiday decor. It never represents the full picture and my only intent with decorations is to remind people of the happiness of the time. So you will find usually one Santa, one tree and several polar bears, snow men and penguins on my lawn. These two guys I found at Big Lots for $20, the lasted 4 years and were amazing little guys to set up. I’ve moved into inflatables lately because they have gone down in cost and are more visible from or new house.  


Stay puff has also become a fixture in our front yard from October 1st through Janauaty 17th at least. He helps set up lights, scares friendly goblins and is a pleasant addition to every display. He was amazing for setting up Christmas decorations. 


When we moved to Rancho Cucamonga, my decorations got more elaborate. We had a larger front yard and a little enclosed patio perfect for displays. Above is last year’s Halloween arrangement. Don’t worry–I haven’t finished everything this year….I have at least 4 bags of glow in the dark spider webs, a ton of lights we need to set up and a couple Skelton heads to line up along the edge. 

The coolest thing about our new place was a garage that was up Felton. In Anaheim, our garage was set in the back of the property so we were never able to deoxrate it or use the door for anything. Even though the only survivor of these pictures is the spider hanging down on a string–they were fun to look at and made the Halloween display interesting. 

This year began with buying clothing hanging spider webs that can hang from the same spot as the lights. I fact, I left the icicle lights up from last year as patio lights and now they actually make the displays glow a little more. Stay puff is still out there, along with our giant black pumpkins and caution tape everywhere. $1 section of target was a huge saver.  


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