The Holidays Begin

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October is here! Which means from now until mid-January 2016 our house will be filled with all kind of decorations–from ghosts to garland,  menorahs lights and Christmas trees–The Richter household comes to life with every holiday under the sun. Well-almost.  

So I thought I would share a little of my decor history. When I was a child-we decorated all the time. My mom admitted we even turned out garage into a haunted house a couple times and we always had Christmas lights. But because my mom got sick around the time I would have been able to help out and my dad passed away when I was 14, decorating was never extravagant when I around. Fast forward to college where I went through a phase refusing to celebrating anything because it either distracted from real faith or the real world

All of a sudden one year (2009-10 I think), I decided I was going to go all out for Halloween. I wanted to be that house that people remembered. For good reasons.  I collected every decoration we had in the household, went out and purchased spider webs, tombstones and garland items and set up the most elaborate display I could. I didn’t want anything too scary (for kids’ sake) but I did want to make it interesting.

So as you can see…it wasn’t much. It was enough to say “Happy Halloween” but not some crazy in your face time.  I was walking in the door one night from work (lights turned on and such) and a woman walking her dog yelled out “Great display” from the sidewalk. I always say thank you–and she began to tell me how it my decorating was making her look forward to Halloween. For some reason, that year was really tough on people overall. People were experiencing hardships and Halloween was going to come with a sorrowful thud and no one would be the wiser. But yet–to this one random person–my decorations somehow made a difference. It gave her something positive to look forward to. It made her realize walking around with her little 5 year old in a silly costume was going to matter.

….to be continued….

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