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So in keeping with my theme from my last post–I want to share a story. Yesterday I made another run to Target. I needed to fulfill a prescription that had to start yesterday night. So I dropped off the paperwork and the pharmacy let me know it would be about 30 minutes before I could come and get it. So I decided to paruse the store. 

While walking through the book section, I came across called Furiously Happy-a Funny book about Terrible Things.  It stood out because on the cover are shiny confetti like triangles and a big raccoon with its extremities all stretched out like a cheering fan at a sports event.  Completely ridiculous I know, right? When you see a cover like this, you don’t just pass it up.  

So I began my crazy adventure through this book. I read a little bit at the store and the summary caught my attention. Wow–let me tell you. Not only are the warning signs hysterical–like don’t this book unless you plan to be CRAZY!– But the stories are also engaging from the beginning. It is a book about dealing with chronic depression and anxiety and how one woman decided that being ferociously happy was the way she was going to live. Here are some details:

1) the original book cover only had the mouth of the raccoon so that when people glanced you reading they would see your smiling psychedelic face instead. It was a reminder that impression are not everything and that a crazy positive outlook can help. 

2) something about renting 25 kangaroos….don’t ask, or maybe you should 😉

3) it writes like a discussion. So the Arthur asks questions, engages the reader and dances around on the edge of imagination and insanity. It’s beautiful. 

So I will keep you informed as best I can on the reading tales. I might be in limbo for a while since I have insurance testing coming up so I need to read that book. 

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