The Necessity of Silliness

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As many of you know, I am one of the last to sit and sulk about my life. Rant – Yes. Scream-Yes, Cry tears or go shut myself away-yes. But sulk–far from it. I wear too many emotions on my sleeve. Sulking seems emotional-less.  It is when you dig yourself into a deep dark pit and can’t yourself out.  (TO be honest-I do not think I EVER went through an Emo-phase.)  Grant it I am not saying this to offend anyone who experiences this–and I know there are plenty of people who grow out of darkness and are deep, dark strong people. But the few times I have sulked about something–it is has drained me so much that I feel like a different person entirely. I mean completely the opposite Sara that people know and love.

As I was trying to figure out why this is and what makes feel better– I have come to the conclusion that silliness is a necessity in the world to keep us from sulking and digging our own deep dark pits. We all need a little silliness in our lives.   We all need to forget what others think (for one brief moment if nothing else), enjoy a good laugh or get excited about something unique.  Hey–call it “Finding Your Inner Child”, acting silly, or just being yourself, but everyone definitely needs it.

For example– lately I have been increasingly excited about Star Wars and the new droid that is coming out in the new movie: BB-8. In fact, I have begun to get involved in the Facebook Group “Everything BB-8” as I have  discovered the fun of Facebook Groups.  What this group has done is not only keep people informed about the character and updates about how to build your own and certain announcements about the movies (no spoilers), but also have little “extras” that I look forward to reading about.  The photo on the left is a new trend of people going up and touching the Target display bb-8 at their local target store. The one that says “DO NOT TOUCH.” People have taken it as far as to have the Target employees take the photos, take videos about sneaking up on it and having a family event to touch the mechanical beeping toy on a stick. Sounds completely silly, right? Yep-I know. But as you can see (partially since I’m covering my mouth) is that I’m still smiling, enlightened with joy and doing something completely random & crazy.

Every needs a little ecxitement in their lives. Be sure to release your inner child every once and while and act silly!



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