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I originally began this blog as a medium for writing down my thoughts and reviews.  Since I wanted to be a Theology professor, I thought it would be helpful to start writing.  Since that moment it has merged into a theological workbook of collaborative stories, book interests and topic studies.  A page I am proud to put my name on and hopefully will reach some sort of status online (hey-one can dream, right?)

Thanks to my husband and my deep desire to create something new and unique, I have finally begun to write my stories down to hopefully reach public consumption.

From now on my writing will be available on my alternative site here.  It is called “Words of a Phoenix Spirit.” The name came from my love of the phoenix mythology (rising out of the ashes to live vibrantly again) and how my soul has searched to rise out of the tragedies of my life with color and flare. I’ve been through a lot as a 30-something (more than some who are twice my age) and as a result my imagination has learned to take itself on occasional trips. It has also learned to process my emotions through stories and how to understand my frustrations through a good dream. It was only until recently that I learned writing these down was a way to release stress and help me feel better. Again, my husband Shawn encouraged me to secure my own domain online and start another writing blog.  But this blog will be my alter ego.  A different side of me that tells stories about love, romance, relationships, maybe about struggle, about pain, about ignorance. They will come from both the light and dark places of my thoughts. They will and will not be from my own life, representing both people I know and people I have never met.

And hopefully, one day, it will be what we called the beginning of creativity 🙂

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