Story part Two

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Last week I mentioned how out church started a new year long study of looking at the book The Story. I mentioned concerns about simplifying the biblical text and how it can lead people in crazy directions. And I mentioned my faith in the family and friends of Messiah Lutheran to bring life to something I may get lost or turn away from. Here is the update:

1) the text: I am still annoyed by the simplification. I get that everyone cannot understand the Bible and I agree to have some guidance. But if the biblical text is not understandable, you need to walk through it and walk through the interpretations. So you can see both, as they are insicidualally and respect the Sacred Text. Our pastor managed to state “it is a companion to the Bible” which helped me digest reading the book. This was beautiful for me because I was about to walk out on the book all together. However, I fully admit that I search through the Biblical text first before picking up the Story. Then again, that’s the point, right?

2) the family: Messiah never ceases to amaze me. I went to the meeting Wednesday in hesitation and left in joy. There were people in our group who gave me a unique perspective, sharing their own personal stories, the interpretation of The Story, and their own interpretation of what it means to follow Christ. And I shared my opinions and understandings. I am going to keep going until it bothers me and I realize that may include a few bad weeks (its reality), so thank God that went well.

On a positive note, my story writing abilities increased this week. Be sure to check out my other page

I am working on transferring it to its own domain (I have it already) and hoping it grows. Here’s to dreams!

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