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Being from California and having gone to school in the Midwest, I have had the very unique experience of having access to locally grown products. I am a huge supporter of the local business, will pay extra to enjoy something I know was handmade or conjured nearby and am trying to find ways to support the local economy. 

So I thought I would share some of finds in my new local area of Rancho Cucamonga:

1) Breweries: there are two breweries in Rancho near our house and they serve different kinds of beer so I can enjoy each location equally. Plus no one needs an excuse to drink more beer šŸ˜‰ Rancho also is the home of CA’s first winery…yes, look it up, Napa’s got it all wrong- we were here first. (Joseph Fillipi.)

2) farmers market: one day I will make it but Terre Vista near my house has a Saturday market, which is unique. And the garden shopping mall has one on Thursdays that includes a local bakery.

3) local business: I meet someone at one do the brewery who not only makes natural soaps and lotions but she buys dog food locally from Redlands residence that sells grain free/healthy dog food for less than Petco or Petsmart.  And he wants to do this as a business model–sell to local feed stores and pet stores. And the cost is cheaper to support a local guy. Can’t beat that, right?

4) Local restaurants: I did try to eat at the local places more in Orange County, but Rancho Cucamonga has several more options than Anaheim. Including a high quality diner walking distance from our house. While a fast restaurant and a major chain are good every once and a while, I really love the couple pizza places (including Sam Biaggo’s) and local dives better. 

5) Rancho has a community garden. Grant it I have issues with the way community garden is organized, choosing to not support this feels wrong. 

6) The local courts and community offices are not in a downtown area that no one travels to. They are actually very assessable from Classic Route 66. By the way–the history of the area is par none. And doesn’t including eliminate orange groves to fill in a mouse house šŸ˜‰ I can go to jury duty 5 minutes away (which is a good thing), and when I had to file a police report, i didn’t have to go to an unsafe area of town to do it. The county offices are also available nearby because we’re in a more populated area. 

7) mountain towns: Rancho is near big bear, mountain high, and mount baldy. We’re also a short drive from Yucaipa for apple picking and closer to Vegas and downtown LA without having to take the dreaded 5 north. In fact, we can go to universal studios in less than an hour. Pleasantly fun even though I am a Orange County never go to Los Angeles if I can help it person. 

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