Making it a little

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so last night was not an emotional plus for my dieting. I was frustrated my salmon didn’t work out And last night I was so tired alongside my options not being completely unthawed so we had hot dogs for dinner. All I wanted to do is cry. I had worked out such a nice meal plan and I was no where close to following it. And plus–I was missing an ingredient for my cookies. 

Anyways, I wanted to give up. I didn’t want to eat so Strickly and wanted to at least be able to enjoy a sandwich. But luckily my husband encouraged me to give it another week and to remember that I do have flavorful things like my Zevia soda that allow me to enjoy the taste without the calories  

Honestly I would love off these if I could–stevia sweetened , no calories, no hormones, no nothing. But better than flavored or carbonated water. Hey-they even had cream soda and ginger ale!

So, today it just got worse when I realized I was running late and didn’t have time to bring something…so I resorted to my yogurt for breakfast. Don’t worry–I just wish I had more.  But I got a green tea at Starbucks and between that and the yogurt I held over to lunch just fine. 

For lunch I only had a mild slip–we went to el pollo loco and while a plain salad with chopped chicken is okay, I forgot to ask for no dressing. Don’t worry–small salad and no tortilla strips, so I was fine. And that definitely kept me full. 

When I arrive home my whey protein powder was waiting in my mailbox. Expecting something nasty and gross, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the protein I ordered is flavored like vanilla cupcakes. You just take a scoop of powder and mix it with a cup or little more of milk (in my case coconut milk-45 calories only!) the whey protein is stevia no hormone based and let me tel you–I though I was drinking a sprinkles goodie yumminess. This may become my breakfast…and after my 14 days I might look for a healthy way to mix a smoothie in the morning from the regular belly fat book  (oh look tons of examples yay!)


So looking forward to enjoy some food and maybe I’ll get the energy to cut up the celery. I need some more substance than what I’ve been eating but I’m actually not that hungry. I feel like my body is going through a purging (don’t worry I’m not doing anything physically to harm myself) before it begins to consume the good things. And I wonder if the plank challenge I’m doing is helping as well. 30 seconds this morning, btw !!

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