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Day 2 – 

I realized why I was so tired & lazy yesterday. Luckily it is NOT related to my dieting (not directly at least) but it is not that kind of “happy-yay” news. It’s okay, I knew the alternative option was going to happen because my emotional state of being calmed down and I was able to be a little normal.

Did my 20 seconds of planking this morning. It felt longer than yesterday. And tomorrow I go up to 30 seconds. But I can definitely feel my belly appreciating the update and hopefully my little “pouch” of a stomach will get tightened along with the losing weight.

Scale: 248.8. While I do not recommend weighing yourself every on a normal diet, this diet claims it will help you lose 14 lbs in 14 days, so weighing every day is just for record keeping. I know how to understand weight and know even during a day that it can change +/- 4 lbs. But to see a loss of 2.4 lbs is encouraging. 

As for eating on target: it’s just remembering all outside food off limits. I didn’t get time to cook my hamburgers this morning so I will do that for tomorrow’s lunch. And I forgot I had the egg-chile cheese item in the fridge so I can heat that up for breakfast tomorrow. Tonight I’m excited because we’re eating some of the fresh pork butt steaks we got in Julian. I’m going to cook them with celery and onions… it should taste so good!

Last night was a trying time but I am glad we decided to go out. I wanted the salmon I had put in the freezer but because I didn’t thaw it out in the fridge, it got a little freezer burn & I had to through it out. Don’t worry—it was from a couple months ago so I didn’t feel so bad. And I have more salmon for future eating. So by the time Shawn and I got done watching a special on TV, the only options we had ere Chili’s & Mimi’s. I decided on Chili’s because I swear they had small portion plates (I was confused with Applebee’s.) But instead, we split the trio fajitas and I just didn’t eat the tortillas and gauc/sour cream like normal. I am allowed to have butter (which is what they use instead of fake stuff) and considering we split chicken/steak/chicken/Peppers and Onions that’s normally for one, I figure I did pretty well. I was also sad because I was missing one ingredient for making the lace cookies. Luckily that should arrive today or tomorrow, so I can make the chocolate goodness and enjoy eating something other than whip cream for dessert (which actually, tasted pretty good.) When my hunger kicks in, I’ll let you all know. Those kit-kat snack size looked so good! 

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