Day 1 fast track 

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weighty : 251.2; Waist: 47in; hips 53 1/2

Today is day one. And as usual, I’m doing okay. Maybe it’s because I had a start day. A day I knew for a good two weeks I would be beginning a new journey. 

I woke up and successful completed 20seconds of a plank. I’m doing the 30 day challenge. My physical therapist a while back said the best thing you can do to build your core is planks. Doesn’t strain your back or neck if done right. So that’s my new goal. Here’s the list:

Because I have this day off instead of Saturday, I decided to go to Disneyland and walk around. Totally forgetting I started my diet today and realizing I cannot eat 99% of what they serve, including chirps and cotton candy. But I managed to survive with my little bag of deli meat I snacked on and the green tea I can get at Starbucks. Im not staying all day–planning on leaving by noon to beat the rush home and so I can cook my lunch. 

I made it home no traffic and have time to cook lunch and see shawn for his lunch. I have an eye appointment later tonight and managed to get over to the condo to complete on load of dishes and hand wash the dishes here at the house. I miss my dishwasher. Maybe I’ll go dishwasher shopping after the eye exam. 

Anyways, here’s to a day of keeping my diet and not feeling hungry. 


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