Living Fake

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You see it all the time. You read about it and feel sorry about those affected. But the more I start to prepare again for a better lifestyle, the more junk I see being hurled my way. 

Out world lives through fakeness. Just not, a video popped into my Facebook feed about helping women with my health issues only to be an ad for a medical supplement costing $80. What a lie -what a fake (not that I didn’t except it.) it continues-through media. We see images of what companies want us to see, whether it be images of skinny, healthy, or large women. And yet still people suffer in pain or corporations hypocritically sell for profit. 

I know this is more of a rant post-but we as humans need reality. Need truth. Because most of the world has either been sucked into the mind-numbing culture or stands on the outside seeking real true help. 

And yet–in the midst of this anger, this hurt, I feel gladness creeping in because I know that God is Truth. That God provides. It is probably two of the main facts in the Bible. While I believe in Christ as Lord–his life/death/resurrection is not the focus, it is the culmunation of the story. That…God is Truth and God provides. So I thank God that he is the very thing I need, you need, we need and also that he has been, is and always will be.

   And…is not fake. 

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