Comic con Day Three

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Continued woes of not getting this posted in a timely manner. Continued excitement over some of the best experiences. Or maybe it was because I was not groggy from meds:

Day three everything starts to get busier and slower at the same time. People are tired yet more and more keep piling in. And we didn’t even go into Hall H– the massive hall that always has the biggest announcements. But unless some one wants to grab the tent &  camp outside for me… I have no idea if we’ll ever do that.

One of the coolest things I saw was the artist from Lilo and Stitch. I was happy to meet him because Disney let him go after the project when Stitch was really his creation. (Watch the special edition DVD-he’s all over it). He apparently left to go to dreamworks where he worked on How to Train your Dragon and also works on his own art.  And he is now creating a mermaid comic–it was great!

Big Bang theory Lego set to come! I think i enjoy seeing the little things that different companies are going to come out with. I just wish there was a way of better managing the items and who purchases them. Tons of people buy them, the go and sell them at higher prices elsewhere, sometimes elsewhere on the convention floor. Ethics is more fluid at comic con…truly

So we DID get to see Adam Savage and his counterparts in his myth busters panel. No Jaime, but the guests were some of the coolest people including an astronaut!.  Trust me-watch the new season, you’ll see what we mean. This is an awesome panel and recommend anyone going to see the mythbusters/Adam savage panels. We also finally got to watch the full version of our friend’s Short The Shooting Star Salesman where his son plays one of the main characters. This director/friend is definitely going to go far and I hope that my husband can at least tag along one day.

So as a new tradition we now go down to gas lamp district some time during the con and have dinner at “The Strip Club.” Don’t worry–its not women taking off their clothes. It’s a steak restaurant. I was so glad we called because they were busy and I want to say not letting anyone else in. But the food is amazing and you get to cook the steak yourself. Which is truly the best because Shawn cooks steak well. We also got to see several people dressed up, including our favorite Ghostbusters! The table next to use kept calling everyone over for photos so we just piggybacked on their fun. Another good thing? We did not have to walk to our car parked 2709283409845″???? blocks away after eating a huge meal. Hurray for staying close with a trolley stop!

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