Getting back to healthy eating 

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so it has been a while (Easter) since I really worked on my health. I kind of went through a mental breakdown (for other reasons now mostly resolved) and have come to a point where I can get “back on the horse.” Here’s some of my thoughts and my plans. 

I plan to go back to my “fast track” diet on August 25th. Why this date? Because it coincides with some medical items i am working on. However, it has its guidelines because if something does happen, then I’m just going to work on eating more green and less carbs and be working with my doctors. The diet is meant for 14 days. I am going to work towards 21 or considering going until Indiana vacation which is October 9 (so maybe the 10th to round it off. 

When I go back, I managed to find this little “30day plank challenge.” I personally need to work on my core because I believe it is the source of a lot of my healthy concerns. So when I saw this opportunity I decided it was something I could do. Shawn and I also want to try walking more with the dogs–but personally this is extremely difficult cause of he weather. I may get back going to the gym…but also I’m not a gym rat or a work-out-aholic so we shall see where that leads. Baby steps, really. 

So here’s hoping everything stays in place–that I can get rid of some of this weighty and feel great like I did before. Personally–stuffing my self with carbs all day is getting tiring.

One thought on “Getting back to healthy eating 

    ProsperityAndCalamities said:
    August 16, 2015 at 20:08

    Baby steps, moderation and good lifestyle changes are usually the way to go!

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