Comic con adventures 

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Well, here is my attempt to discuss another one of my travels with Shawn. Our adventures to comic con 2015. This will be our third year going to the Con and each year, more people show up and more stupidity occurs. But at the same time its exciting to see things up close and enjoy new releases and panels from those in the industry.  

So every year we try to take the arbitrary “we have our passes” photo after we get through the ticket lines. This was a great year because we picked up our badges at our hotel after checking in and then got our trolley passes at the station directly behind our room. Travel conscience is getting more important in our overall travels as we do enough walking most of the time, comic con being no exception. 

So we didn’t make it in on Wednesday night so we went back to the room and tried to relax. I managed to get con crud before the con so I’m surviving on a DayQuil/NyQuil regiment which includes sleeping-sadly. Thursday morning we traveled down and walked in excited to see the floor. There were new toys, new clothing and of course, the lines that border the entire floor. Hey, at least I got the freebies from ThinkGeek and Adult Swim. 

After walking around, we came back to the hotel only for me to fall asleep. Shawn traveled back to the Con only to forget his badge and I traveled to the local target for items I forgot but I also forgot my REdcard. Oh well. Friday is another day with fun panels (Big Bang) and hopefully considerate crowds. But that’s always my wish

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