Vancouver/Alaska cruise day 10/10

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The last day of a vacation is always hard. At least for me. My fun ends, my organizer self kicks in and Struggle not to cry the whole day. Yep–this vacation was no different. And hence why my last blog about our vacation took so long

This morning we were a little late. We ran down to breakfast, ran out the door, ran off the ship and ran to find our bags only to find out that the shuttles were taking forever. We made it to the airport only to be called out of line, ran through 3 more check points and had to rearrange the suitcases because mine was over weight again! They should really give you more space on international flights. 

I think I didn’t feel comfortable until We landed in Portland, OR mostly because we could eat lunch.  But lunch wasn’t that exciting. It was a Mexican restaurant and we had nachos. Blah to have after a week of deicious cruise food. And we had a 4 hour layover thanks to the cancellation of our later flight and getting moved To the moon flight that caused all the commotion getting to the airport and back to America. 

The flight home from Oregon was beautiful…mostly because you fly over Oregon country and mountains, including Mt. mcKenley…the active volcano. It’s huge, wide, and just gorgeous to look at from the plane.   

When we landed in Southern California it was good to be home among the familiar and friendly. And I was glad I took the following day off to decompress. 

This trip was exciting and fun! I’m glad we got to go and now I can say I’ve been to Alaska twice in my life. Maybe someday I’ll fulfill my dream of living there. But God only knows!

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