Vancouver/Alaskan cruise day 9/10

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this was our last full day at sea and last full day on the cruise. It was beautiful, serene, involved very little in the way of events until the evening and we enjoyed brunch at Palo which was amazing! 


This is the view from Palo again. Always gorgeous  
  The characters were roaming a lot more than usual because it was the only thing to see. All the shows, the events, even the magician was done for the evening. But it was a lot of fun!  
 I loved seeing Daisy here! Such sn underestimated character. 

We also roamed around the ship, found little interesting things (including the most comfortable chairs is the sports longer we would never go into otherwise.) 

  This was the mural in triton’s. Gorgeous both times we ate there 
Know your flags, including the Mickey flag!

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