Vancouver/Alaska cruise day 8/10

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Kethikan was probably my favorite town. We not only had the most fun on our excursion, but it also was a very nice small town.  

Our excursion was a full day on the Alluetian Balad!, the boat that was on deadliest catch. It was exciting. They took us out to see bald eagles as well holding crabs and crawfish. Last we ate dinner with the crew and got to hear all their stories. 

The dinner that night was a beautiful mix of Alaskan everything, including the dessert. I’ll leave you to drool at the menu đŸ˜‰ or at least the fun drink menu. 


One thought on “Vancouver/Alaska cruise day 8/10

    ProsperityAndCalamities said:
    August 10, 2015 at 16:55

    I love LOVE love baked Alaska!

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