Vancouver/Alaska cruise day 7/10

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This was the day I was waiting for the entire trip: day in Juneau. I was so excited to be seeing a real summer camp with sledding dogs! Not only is it s subject for one of the books I’m writing but it is also something I can learn a lot about dogs and training. While Juneau wasn’t the most exciting of cities, it did provide a lovely lunch by the bay where the sea planes were landing as well as a fresh glass of Silver Gulch beer (my favorite beer that comes from Fairbanks, AK.) unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to hanging around as we had to be back onboard by 4:45pm. But it’s okay because you can only look at so many gift shops before everything looks the same. Except for the Russian shop.  

Yep–wanted to take everyone one of these puppies home! Adorable!

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