Vancouver/Alaska cruise day6/10

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Finally we made it to Skagway, AK. It was a small little town and we not only woke up late for breakfast but also were running late to our excursion. As a result, we ran thru security, down the gang plank and ran to our bus in the rain.only to find out we were the youngest on the bus with no kids. But that benefited us because we could go at our pace while the older crowd could go at theirs. I also freaked out for several minutes because my photos were not updating so I thought I had lost all my photos from the White Hall Pass train ride. 

Speaking of the train ride, it was beautiful. You cross into Canada only to get back on the train and cross into Alaska again. Enough border patrol to drive you crazy. Here’s some of my favorite pictures: 

After the train ride we had lunch at Liarsville with a wonderful Malemute dog named Molly. The Salmon bake was amazing with this brown sugar sweet sauce and the food was warm and tasty. We saw a little skit about living in the west and panned for gold! I did t take photos because of my phone issues but it was fun and we came home with a couple flakes!  

 (Btw I definitely recommend this stop if at all possible.)

After lunch we traveled back into town to the red onion inn. It’s a well know brothel and one of the oldest buildings in town. We saw items they pulled from underneath the floor boards when they moved the location/building, including a ladies curling iron.  They rest of the evening we walked around town, used the free internet at the library and enjoyed a Skagway Indian fry bread that tasted great along with a cheesy muffin from a coffee shop. It was nice having until 7:15-7:45 to hang out on deck. 

When we got on ship, it was “Frozen” theme. It was fun and not too overdone.  But it was cold and raining hard. Everyone had blankets.


This last photo is just to prove how light it was late into the evening. It was an experience. 


One thought on “Vancouver/Alaska cruise day6/10

    ProsperityAndCalamities said:
    August 10, 2015 at 16:52

    It kept throwing me off how it stayed light outside for so long! We had the second dinner time but it never seemed like it was late!

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