Vancouver/Alaska Cruise day5/10

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half way through our vacation. And still at sea. They forget to tell you that the day you see the glacier Tracy Arm is another day at sea before getting to Skagway. But it’s worth it. Not only was it rainy but it was also cold. 

Enjoy the photos!–


This is also the day we ate dinner at Palo. We were both excited because last cruise we gave up palo for animators palate and didn’t get to have quiet adult time. Wel, this time we did it twice! This dinner I had beef pot roast ravioli and shawn had the lobster. The best part was the dessert of chocolate soufflĂ© that was amazing! 

I’m sorry this was so beautiful to see in the reflection of the booth. 

 The night ended with happy Mickey and Minnie memories and with me enjoying every minute of my new outfit!y hair was also working the floor shining red! 

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