Vancouver/Alaska cruise day 4/10

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The first day of the cruise is strictly on sea. You have some minor views of scenery but mostly you’re looking at water.  The coolest thing is that this is the view you can have every morning at breakfast. 

 The first day at sea consisted of a lot of lounging around until dinner. I got my nails and toes done and I convo ended Shawn to get a couple massage. It was beautiful. We roamed around on the top decks until dinner-which was formal night (clothing guidelines minus actually wearing them is completely optional–aka you don’t have to dress fancy if you don’t want to.). 

 But we did and this is one of our better photos with the captain. He was a nice guy and probably thought we were crazy for thinking he was cooler than waiting in line for Mickey.  

The food on a Disney cruise is enough reason to go. You get the most amazing meals in the most amazing restaurants. Shawn ate s.cargo and I had lamb and TONS of Salmon. Here’s just a sample of some of our meals and desserts 


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