Vancouver/Alaska Day 2/10

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So this morning we were slow. The bed/flying/whatever gave me a wonderful back spasm so Shawn spent most the morning give me pain meds and trying to figure out what to do while I couldn’t stand. We didn’t have any major plans so eventually when I figured out how to deal with the pain we drove across the bridge to Granville Island. It is an amazing little place, filled with art galleries, a kid’s play area/shops and a brewery and liquor distillery. Yes-a place where you can make your own liquor. The food at the public market was amazing, almost like a flea market but with amazing food. Shawn and I also got to walk around a bit, which actually was helpful for my back.

We also drove over to Stanley Park. It is this beautiful park, much like a regional park is here in the States and supposedly bigger than Central Park in NY. It had amazing views of the port, the surrounding bay where plans fly in and out off the water. There were also totem poles, a light house, and a completely hallowed out redwood tree 

     I was so excited…excited yet in pain. I slept a little–its what you do on vacation 😉 and it helped get over the pain of my back. Wean aged to get dinner at the restaurant below and explored the hotel. The pools were on the top floor, which gave us a beautiful view of the city. Next door grass was going in on the roof? Finally we went to bed and excited for the next morning’s travels!

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