Too much to not say something

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a lot has happened this weekend. In fact-within the last few days. My thoughts are all over the place so here is an attempt to place them all in one spot. 

1) the SCOTUS had made same-sex marriage legal. This is a huge milestone in marriage equality in America and on top of that–it happened on my birthday. I was extremely excited for my several friends who I know personally celebrated Friday. One of my professors said it best that as a Christian I am here to love my neighbor and treat those as I would want to be treated. This requires that I stand besides my LGBTQ friends and support them in their right to marry. And my black friends…and Asian friends…and aetheist friends. I personally have said all along that we should call it a union under the state, equalize it under one type of contract and leave the word “marriage” for the religious masses but since term marriage is used in the secular realm to mean any union of two people so I support the courts decision.  For the friends I have lost over this topic–I am sorry that our friendship was based on a disagreement of beliefs instead of an actual relationship with each other.  I appreciate hearing differing viewpoints–I want to understand those that don’t initially make sense.  One of my best friends had beliefs in dark contrast to my own that I flat out told her I didn’t agree with and yet we are still friends to this day (her beliefs have since altered but it is beautiful to see through our lives we have managed to stay friends through (excuse the slang) “all the crap.”)

2) the other item is that one of my favorite professors from seminary has announced he will be leaving at the end of this school term.  This is not due to being fired –more so a difference of opinions (which is much mute complicated.). His blog about the topic was moving, shocking and saddening. His influence on my thoughts and ability to try and think outside the norm and accepted while still remaining a strong Christian and seminary student are part of the reasons why I loved his classes. And trust me–his classes were not easy and I was grateful for my “B” grades.  I pray his new path will be grand and empowering. I mourn his departure.  I wish there was more I could say but my brain is still processing the information. I join in the chorus of those trying to understand his position and stand with him during this movement in his life.

3) another blogger discussed being a large curvy woman and her frustrations about people side comments on the topic. In the end it is all about being happy and living life to the fullest. It was a nice rejuvenation because I have long struggled with wanting my voice to be heard, to remind me that my experience may differ from theirs and that all of use have a voice and a story to share. And we all need love.

4) there are some topics I cannot even discuss as their vague topics would give away items I don’t want discussing in a Facebook/blog forum. I do have to keep in mind what words I choose to speak. But they rattle my brain sometimes. Can’t we all just get along…without the politics?

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