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Those that are close to me know I take birthday celebrations very seriously. That having a day to yourself is with its weight in gold and that everyone deserves their day (really more but one day is my goal for humanity.). Usually I define this as a day where no negativity can be said, that all happiness is enforced and that the one person gets to do whatever they want with hurting themselves or others. 

But now that I’ve seen the movie Inside Out, it is important to balance emotions to be healthy. Also, I’ve noticed that several people are getting snappy, inconsiderate and sometimes down right mean to those trying to have a good day. Therefore, as tomorrow I expect all positivity and happiness, I’m going to vent out all negativity and issues pending:

—to those who were snappy and inconsiderate: I am sorry I may have offended you. Or that you have a lot of work. Or that you had a bad day.  Or that you don’t understand something. As a person I never wish those things upon you and are always more than willing to help and explain things.  Please be careful and realize that your tone might hurtful, your glances may be interpreted as rude and that you are not the center of the universe. I will try to do the same thing. 

–To those crying, upset and frustrated–have hope. The world gets better, things can change, and that while you cannot control what others have done to you, you can control and stand strong with your emotions and response to the world.  You are definitely not alone and you can get through this.  

–to those thinking all about themselves: stop. There are 7 billion people in this world. Start caring about those around you and doing something for those less fortunate. Your rewards will come in the best unexpected ways if you stop thinking he universe revolves around you. 

So tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. If you can’t take one day to leave your problems out of it, just let me know Saturday. I refuse to have any thing close to a horrible day on MY one day. I would always try to give the same respect to you.

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