There will be a 5 second media delay

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or maybe a 5 month, who knows… 

Just as an announcement per se– I am seriously considering giving an upgrade to my blog and online presence. Don’t get me wrong—I love WordPress and think it very resourceful. But I want to operate my own website with my blog on it.  And possibly operate multiple blogs with one website link and have a better grasp of things like snapchat, pinterest, instragram and the like.  I feel there is a lot to research, to discuss and to interact with where my simple one-line blog is just not cutting it.  This will take time—more than the couple hours I spend on my phone updating my facebook status – and therefore my blogs may be limited for the time being.   I apologize in advance 😉


Technology upgrades got me thinking about another topic I have had in mind: Media (including social media) and the Church.  I have said for a few years now that the  world is changing into a technology based world.  As this world changes and interacts with more media platforms (online, social, data/code based), the Church is going to need to come up with some type of response.  You would think that learning from our past that staying in the past is not what the message of Christ was meant to be.  It is a message that can withstand time and technology.  

Within the last few weeks—I have been listening to podcast and reading new material that is toying with what it means to have Faith in a Facebook World (coining phrase NOW if not already taken).  Obviously there is the morale code, but what does “Honoring thy Father & mother” look like when a selfie goes up?  Or what does the Kingdom of God look like through Pinterest?

I think my new “goal” (if you can call it that-its more like a focus) is to study and gather a better understanding and following online and through social media. I do not mean I am going to plaster every bit of my life on Facebook or twitter (because we all know I am not the best example for Christian living on the web), but it does mean I am going to look at my internet presence (yes-everyone has this, whether it is great or small) and seriously consider how my faith is involved and affected.   Hopefully something will come out of it—but even if something doesn’t, I will still have the peace knowing that as a Christian, I considered the new world and tried to live out the gospel in it. 

As technology continues to grow, I pray that the Church will continue to grow and that the voices standing out on the new branches of the Christ family tree will find the support they need from the rest of the family.  I pray that those voices continue to stand despite any “crows” or “squirrels” that attempt to walk over or pick at their dreams and/or callings. 


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