Mother’s Day Musings

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I will admit that Mother’s Day in my house growing up was always approached with care.  Actually-May itself was approached with the same care. My mother’s birthday was May 1st and my father’s birthday was May 14th. Mother’s Day always fell in between the birthdays of my parents. So May was parents month. And it was stressful because I wanted to do something nice for my mom-something that said “You’re Awesome for being you and for being my mom!” since it was her birthday and Mother’s day.

Fast forward to 2012…

The first year I didn’t have to worry about birthdays or biological-mother’s day. Grant it my dad had been gone for 14 years at this point, but it was the first May my mother was gone.  Now don’t get me wrong-I did get a card for my future mother-in-law and appreciated all the mother’s out there. But it was different.  I didn’t have to plan, have to tip toe around the dates trying to figure out what present went with what holiday while at the same time trying to enjoy the time with my mom (or my dad for that matter.)

Since then Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) have turned into distant memories. Not that I don’t appreciate mothers out there. I do! You do everything and while you you only get one holiday-every day we should tell mothers of the world thank you. And yet, if you ask most mothers, they tell you that their greatest gift is there children and that is all the thanks they need. And its not because I am child-less. I have pets that I am a mother to and just because you don’t have children doesn’t mean you don’t understand motherhood.

But because my actual biological mom is gone. Because the woman who tried and tried to have children has passed-I don’t want to spoil mother’s day. I actually enjoy the tip-toeing and strategically putting together a mother’s birthday and a mother’s day before putting together a father’s birthday.


So if you’re a mother, and I forget to say “Happy Mother’s Day”, don’t think it rude. Mother’s Day I am just used to reserving for my actual mother.

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