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Some of you are aware that i have started the beginnings of writing a novel. It is a spiritual journey -type story with the intent of not making the Christian church look fluffy or completely flawed in hopes to inspire others that it is not breaking away that causes strength but building up and reform (yep-true Lutheran here!)

So as a “benefit” of reading my blog, I thought I would release bits and pieces of the characters and storyline, possibly some chapters as they come along. I will let you know that is a great “work in progress” and that all that follows are the copyright of me-Sara richter. (Aka don’t steal my plots people!!)
Anyways, I thought I would introduce you first to the title and the main character of the story:

Title: Searching for Something Unknown

Character: Serafina (Fina) Manfredo — she is a mid-twenty-something recently returned home from completing her undergraduate degree. Though she would love to work in her field of study (history), she falls back on working for the local amusement park (that is slowly going under.) If you can image her-she is average. Average height, average weight, average build. But she strives to be nothing like average.  Has natural dark brown hair but has red roots that flash in the light. However, Fina struggles with trying to understand herself at this time in her life and in a way to deal with it dyes her hair in flashy colors (like bright orange, blues, teals, “neon green,” etc.) It also makes her mother mad enough but nothing so drastic her mother would disown her or kick her out of the house.  She wears jeans and a t-shirt most of the time, has maybe one formal dress and thinks make up is for clowns.  Raw and real is her mantra-spiritually, physically, fashionably and relationally. 

Fina goes through a lot of change in this book. From depressed and oppressed young adult, desperate for life both on a personal, spiritual and communal level to one active, involved and lived out as pa full Christian life. She has a couple close friends, meets a couple men that spark her interest and deal with an over controlling mother and a non present father (wink wink not in the non present way you think.)

She is also fed up with her home church. There is no life and those attending are more concerned with their societal self image they rarely hear the message preached each week. And Fina has no idea how to change things without hurting or leaving those she has grown up with her whole life. 

Next time: fina’s mother and father ….or maybe a part of chapter one

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