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Saturday I restarted my healthy eating. After having a binge week eating nothing but bad cookies, horrible fast food and massive amounts of sushi, I am glad to be going back. In this last 10 days I have felt sluggish, tired, emotionally drained and realized that eating this type of food doesn’t help me feel any better. 

  Starting on a Saturday also helps me get everything organized. I can set my starting weight, take my measurements and use the time not at work not rushing to put everything in order. Today I can also work on making my food for the week and cook the necessary items. I have done a little research into the diet and realized a lot of people pick two-three days during the week instead of trying to cook one thing a night. 
So current goals for this go around:

1. Lose 20lbs — in a perfect world I could lose up to 35lbs based on the diet guidelines but I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t lose that many. So I set my goal lower and will be happy with any weight lost.

2. No eating out unless with family or unavoidable — this is because fast food is processed and I can’t have 90% of the menu anyways.  But I don’t like eliminating myself from family moments and that is why I make this exception. Trust me, emotionally it sucks just sitting there while everyone else enjoys things 

3. Walking 30-90 minutes a day. –work is helpin me do this so might as well mark it as a goal. You can walk up to 90 minutes/day so I will start making an effort. Here we go!

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