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This quarter I have been auditing a Isaiah class at Fuller’s Pasadena campus. I am so excited to be learning more information even though I have graduated. 

During last night’s lecture, a topic of study finally came to me for a Ph.D. Dissertation.  As many who know me well, I have had a love for both The Book of Isaiah and for language associated with the Bible. I fee I want to make an impact on taking the history of meaning and words (etymology) and how that interacts with belief, faith and the study of the Bible and our involvement with it as Christians. 

As we were discussing Isaih 24-27, a thought came to me about the descriptions of Thr Names of God in the book. In these chapters (as through the rest of the book), God goes from being a mighty warrior God (as LORD of Hosts) to being the One True Creator God. I find it interesting that these two images are places together. Powerful and Creative. Now, for the Jewish people this concept is not unusual, but knowing God is all powerful and the overall creator changes hoe one approaches and obiedentally follows said God. And in communicating this information through a prophet, it is even more important because prophets are meant to direct the people to a problem within themselves (here Judah’s problem is not following the covenant with God.)
I know it’s not an exact topic, buts it’s a start. I might start looking through Isaiah and God’s name throughout the book and what it says about Isaiah message. I think it interesting as well that Isaiah is the most quoted book in the gospels and obviously has significant ranking to the early Jews and the Christian church. Is this a sign of a connection? Who knows. 

Here is the beginning of a long journey đŸ˜‰


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