Back to Better Eating

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so this last weekend I was on vacation at Star Wars Celebration. It fell right after my doctors appointment and it was a great way to celebrates paint the weight that I did. 

Nevertheless, I still ate horribly this weekend. And I enjoyed every minute. But as the weekend came to a close I realized how bad all the junk makes me feel so I will be going back on my fast tracking this week-either Wednesday or Friday–to prepare for our cruise to Alaska. The plane leaves May 30th so total that is exactly 5 weeks from Saturday. I will need the extra days to set up my house so I don’t eat a bunch of carbs and sugars and get stocked on meats, greens and healthy things I know I can eat on my fast track. 

I am also considering doing the general diet long term. I spoke with my allergist/immunologist on Wednesday and she indicated that looking at diets similar to The Paleo diet (no grain/no dairy) is seriously a good choice. We modified my vitamin levels (yes I talk to my doctors so they know exactly what I’m taking and because I actually have a vitamins D deficiency and high cholesterol) and talked about what it’s like to feel a little better. Basically she told me what my diet book already talked about. Sugars and carbs interact with insulin causing the weight and unhealthiness that most of our nation is plagued with. 

So back to healthy eating! I don’t like feeing gross/tired and looking like a blimp 🙂 I can do this (besides–doing it for Lent helped me refocus myself.) 


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