Final stretch day 10/14

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Most times in gym class I was a sprinter. My 100m dash was some of my best running time. However, the mile and me never got along and cross country was never my strong suit. 


Same is true with this diet.  Today I still managed to keep within my diet, less the one small pancake from jack in the box because I couldn’t bare to throw away them all from the breakfast platter. (And just for notice, I didn’t eat the hashbrown at all is was soaking in oil-eww.) but today I have felt more inclined to give a little. I might get fruit or frozen yogurt…just because it’s been one of those weeks and I want a break. And I’m only eating half the food anyways because my stomach shrunk from eating less and less food in general. 

Welcome the weekend and upcoming Star Wars celebration–yay!

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