Downward day 6

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so I caved. Last night I had made it all through the day but between my emotional state and the fact it was a holiday my brain just insisted on eating food. Some good things–I didn’t eat until stuffed and it was MOSTLY items on my diet. Less the ice and cherry pie from McDonald’s. Shawn and I split a plate at Joe’s Crab Shack and it was just enough to enjoy.

Today I am back on strict. My body felt the need and mentally I was ready. That’s something hat has changed in my eating trend. It seems to set in a little more about eating right. I fee guilty when I know I’m eating something too much. Now I don’t want to feel guilty all the time –like last night I knew it was bad but I emotionally needed it–but at least the conscious feeling helps me get through this challenge. And knowing I’ve gone from 244 to 237 and even more since my doctors appointment (where I report I was 250-255) is encouraging. 

I won’t let a diet stop me from being me. But I won’t let unhealthiness keep me from me either!


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