Happy Easter

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thank the LORD he is Risen! 

Today I plan on giving a little slack on my diet because of family gatherings. No, I’m not seeking out carbs or cupcakes or cake, but canoes baked ham and a little fruit here and there isn’t bad. People and family work hard sometimes of the dishes served at holiday parties and I don’t want to think I don’t care. And I can eat eggs, bacon, meat, cheese and the like which is commonly served. I also plan on (and have mildly succeeded) on not eating desserts like cookies and candy. 

I find it surprising how much my mind turns it off now. I used to say ” I could never give up bread” but here I am, having not eaten bread or carbs since Wednesday. And let me tell you–it is amazing to fit into an older pair of jeans without having to suck every in of your stomach in. And I still have 10 days to go! 

Weight: 237.0

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