Making through a difficult day

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today is day 4 on the belly fat cure. Things I’ve noticed so far:

1) I am dropping weight. With no sugar, no carbs and no soda pounds just come off

2) the good food looks good and bad food looks bad. 

3) I’ve learned to control smells. Maybe it helps that I’m sick and cannot smell everything full force yet but I smelled bread earlier and automatically thought “no, can’t eat” which is better than my constant obsession I had with carbs and bread. 

4) eating at events is HARD…I mean with cendors, everything fried in generic greasy oil and fries EVERYWHERE. But I did good–only ate my breakfast, the cheese I brought and sei meat. Now we’re at a Buffett and I’m mostly salad and not going crazy with the noodles or rice because I’m not eating them 🙂

Weight: 236.6


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