Another new beginning

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…another diet?

Actually-today just begins my 14day fast track diet. I just finished cooking s bunch of food so I don’t have any excuses and am looking forward to eat protein veggy diets. The only thing I couldn’t figure is why a can of fresh cut green beans with no salt and no preservatives has 1g of sugar. It’s crazy! 

Well I have accepted that eating copious amounts of sugar and carbs often doesn’t help my health.  I said a small goodbye to my bread treats, my sugar carb snacks and sadly my beer. It’s better to drink the red wine or vodka than my sweet rum or bready beer. 


Wish me luck! I don’t feel like I’m going on a diet, but working towards better health. The above picture is use at Walt Disney world 2012 just before we got engaged. It’s the thinnest I have ever been and it shows (less my childhood.)

Here is me today… Well about 1-2 months ago at the clipper game. It’s the heaviest I’ve been. And I felt it. The picture below that is when I was last time I was heavy on our 4 yr anniversary… I don’t want to be that Sara. I want to be happy, healthy and enjoy life. And being at Epcot again wouldn’t be a bad idea


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