Before the Ash Falls

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Wednesday-It Starts. This is when the fun begins-when the cross of ash is made. Wednesday starts new thinking, new dieting…just an overall NEW.


Staying with the theme of working towards a healthy life, I have made some guidelines for my Lenten season:

First—Fat Tuesday will receive celebration. I think a good let loose before Lent will help me understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I don’t plan to stuff myself so full of sugar I knock out, but I do plan on enjoying whatever I want that day. I’m going all out–Pancakes, milkshakes—whatever.

Second – This will go from Wednesday, 2/18 through Wednesday, 4/15 since that’s my follow up appointment with my fertility doctor. I need to have lost 10-15 lbs by that point, which is completely doable if I stick to this Lenten diet.


Guidelines for eating:
My goal is to eat the recommended 25g of sugar a day. It sounds small, but will actually help me eat better by A LOT. This leaves out eating massive amounts of candy, soda, unhealthy items such as milkshakes and ridiculous amounts of sugary items. It also will help keep me from eating a ton of fried, bready food because carbs eventually break down to sugars. I am also giving up soda as a whole (since diet soda isn’t that much better for you), food that is ridiculously proportioned so that you think you’re only eating 100 calories but its 100 calories of fat or sugars or starch. Also-no alcohol. This is not only good for dieting but also for kiddos.

The official theme:

Yes—there is also a goal at the end for exercising. My cholesterol did lower significantly on this last blood work review but my triglycerides are ridiculously high. And those only get better by exercising. Trust me—I’ve done all the research and reading you can do. I want to reach my step goal in my lose it app. I also want to exercise 3x a week. Before Wednesday comes, I plan on making a work out guideline.

Here are the exercising guidelines:
Ball Core—like a sit up but no strain on your neck. 10-15/rep 2x/day ; 3x/week
Planks – modified or regular—hold for 30 secs /rep ; 3-4x/week (works core)
Karate Stiff Man – it’s a workout I learned in Physical Therapy. You stand knees slightly bent, pull straight arm lifts to work on hips & core tightening. It’s great, easy to do at a gym and worth it. (Core)
10-15/rep, 2-3x/day, 3x-4x/week
Mountain Climber – 2x/day, 10-20x/rep (works core)
Cardio—30-45 minutes/day. This must be an elliptical, run, or focused walk. No “general” walking


Arms—need two types of upper arm workouts
Legs – two types of workouts, specifically working hip/thigh area as this is my weak spot.
I will probably do the push out as my physical therapist was having me do “clams.” Which is where a belt keeps your knees together and you press out.

Stretching—also need to work stretching calves and waist area. I had some work outs from physical therapy that I like. I might also see what a gym has in the way of a machine that is helpful.
So that is the plan peeps.
I prefer that those of you who work with me or are around me support and encourage me (like you always have) and please keep this in mind when I deny eating something.

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