Updates for the 2015 Year

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Sorry readers for the lack of posts lately.  Holidays, Busy Schedules, you know.

some of these are personal, deep and descriptive. This is really just an outlet for me to express some of these items and I prefer that massive discussions not form around them. A private message or text will do. But for those who wonder…prayers are appreciated and kind words never lose their value.

Anyways–Shawn and I have been thinking about the next step in our marriage and relationship-kids. We actually have been trying for the past 6 months and I went off my birth control almost one year ago. Those of you who talk to me more often know this but I’ve not advertised our family planning for the world to see until now. Despite my desire to really want kids i really miss my birth control mostly because of my cystic acne. My face is a battlefield. Nevertheless, we have been trying because based on my medical history, it was possible that we would have difficulty conceiving and I had this feeing it might take longer than normal.

I finally got fed up with just waiting around despite knowing my hormone levels were all over the place so I went to a fertility doctor. He confirmed that I have PCOS-or Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Here’s a basic image of what’s going on…


My gynecologist had a test review that said things were consistent with this type of diagnosis, but no one ever actually took an ultrasound and confirm my ovaries having cysts. It was helpful to have confirmation that I could actually see (the ultrasound) and that someone was talking to me about a solution instead of leaving me to my own research-nature devices and saying birth control and time solves all. Sorry lady–I’d rather take the time to work on a solution then sitting on the probably (literally.)

Finally the doctor gave me some medicine to help. He took over my metformin medication and worked me up to a reasonable prescription instead of staying “yeah just keep taking it. “He also gave me a drug to help me with my “cycle.” Im also going through a bunch of testing (some I do not care to do) to figure out what’s going on. Prayers for that would be great…I typically freak out and run my blood pressure up the roof knowing I have that kind of stuff.

The “downside” of the whole matter is trying to lose 10 lbs by April. I meant to do this by earlier but the increasing doses of my Metformin can really do a number on my stomach. It’s nice not to starve now. My blood sugar would drop suddenly so often that i would think I was starving to death despite having had over 2100 calories in a day. Thank you hormones for control my eating and weight.

Now that I’ve controlled my portion size a little-I realized I need to burn calories. Really burn calories. We had these auditions last night and I had all the fun in the world just doing 5 minutes of dancing. Yes I’ve done Zumba at home (which I may consider now thinking about it) but doing activities with friends is better. Shawn and I try to exercise together but when we both work jobs and he is in school, we want to spend our time together not working out at a gym maybe chatting here and there.

One thought on “Updates for the 2015 Year

    awriterbecoming said:
    January 31, 2015 at 04:46

    Praying for you, my friend. *hugs*

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