Houston, we might have a problem :-)

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Among the millions of things I could learn on my own free time…I decided that joining the 21st century and learn CODING

(half of you are thinking “About time!” while the other half are like “what is coding?”)

For those of you in the “what is coding?” category, Coding is the text typed to set up websites, apps, and several items classified under “computer programming.” For websites, coding it the “html” world of typing things with tabs in the text to guide the server what to do.

For the other half of the world–I’m still learning basics. The fact that I’m a girl even attempting to learn this is a HUGE step, let alone wanting to learn it as a girl even a bigger step. Yes-I actually want to get into this, learn how web sites and mobile apps are made and learn more about computer programs to be prepared for the future. And so I can change the color of your computer screen without you know (hehehe…)

Actually–just taking some basic coding classes I have already learned how to make my blog posts look better. Hopefully things will get more exciting when I learn javascript (who knows)



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