Trees and Houses

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Day 10 & 11: a tent and another Palm tree.

So now that Mary, Joseph, donkey and wise man (he actually has a name in my nativity, King so& so, but I’m not sure how historically accurate that is so I just refer to him as red coat white beard dude), you get to add some scenery. Now, as I stated before, the camel adds some fun. But more fun is adding things you get to make. My favorite homemade pieces are something you’ll see later and what’s above: the tent. It’s a helpful reminder that God will provide shelter while seeking Jesus, no matter what or who you are. If you think as I do that the “Kings” we’re more like astrological wise guys, then having a gypsy-like tent makes more sense. Something temporary and not super fancy.

And why another Palm tree? Why not- I say. You’ve got a road. I think it’s to encourage the journeying part of the Christmas story. That people, animals, Angels, and shepherds traveled on a journey. Then once Jesus was born, he traveled with his family on a journey too! So a tree, plain and simple as it were, can hold significance too


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